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At the moment I'm a journalist in name only (check out my sexy business cards) and I'm desperately searching for my first job in journalism.

That's pretty much what this shebang is all about. Shall we see what I've been up to today then?

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Monday, May 08, 2006
First day and open wide

Is it sad that I actually inwardly "woopdy wooped!" today when I heard someone say: "So if you just show Caroline to her desk..." I don't think it was ever my dream to get an office job, but it was my dream to be a journalist and now I am one (with more than just business cards saying so) with my own workstation and an iMac.

Despite my reservations, it did go well today. Well, apart from the bit where my boss asked me what I'd been doing with myself since I went there to temp and all I could think to mention was skipping around with my Spongebob balloon at Ruislip Lido and cavorting round acting like a Desperate Housewife. I didn't mention that of course.

I wrote a news story, proof read lots of stuff and subbed a piece that I think must have been written by someone who'd look like they'd just clasped a pencil between their butt cheeks and waggled it in the general direction of a keyboard and hoped that a nice little news story would magic itself in to life. It hadn't.

They took me out to lunch and made me feel really welcome. My only problem with it is the journey, but then I've moaned about that before, but also the fact that I didn't really feel like I had enough to do today.

I kept asking for stuff to do, but my boss has stuff to be doing too. But, I think once I've been there a little bit longer I'll be able to just know what needs to be done and get on with it. Also, other people will know that I'm there to be used (and abused) too and so they won't shy from givng me things to do too.  

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